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Top Gear America is Coming to the MotorTrend App in Fall 2019!

BBC Studios and MotorTrend Group are joining forces to relaunch Top Gear America as a streaming service show on the MotorTrend App. Plus, the app will be the ultimate destination for Top Gear!

Though the Top Gear America show was never as good as the BBC original which starred Clarkson, Hammond, and May, some say that it was much better than the more recent seasons of Top Gear UK. Anyway, fans of the American version will now be pleased to hear that it is making a comeback soon – thanks to a joint venture between BBC Studios and the MotorTrend Group, which is majority-owned by Discovery.

A 7-year agreement has been signed which will lead to the production of a web series that will deliver a fresh, uniquely American take on the classic Top Gear format. The much-loved format of three hosts who travel across the US and around the world focusing on car adventures will be carried forward. The names of the hosts haven’t been announced yet.

Scheduled to debut this fall in the MotorTrend App – a subscription video-on-demand service – Top Gear America, will indeed be something to watch out for at a time when the UK version has been inconsistent in its quality. In addition to the new series, subscribers will be provided access to over 200 episodes of classic Top Gear UK spanning 24 seasons, including all the Clarkson-Hammond-May years and the always-entertaining Top Gear Specials. The creative team is also putting together more than 60 compilations which will focus on some of the finest and supremely-entertaining moments in the show’s entire run.

The deal will turn the MotorTrend app into the ultimate destination for Top Gear as all future seasons of the UK show will be added to the streaming service during the term of the agreement. The app has got 300,000 subscribers already and with the arrival of the Top Gear IP, the subscriber count will be seeing an enormous rise in the coming months.

Source: MotorTrend

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