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TomTom Start Series (in car)

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TomTom ‘Start Series’ Portable Navigation Device

TomTom Start Series

TomTom Start Series

TomTom has introduced smart Portable Navigation Device (PND) series in India which includes two models-  Start 20 and Start 25.

The devices are lightweight and has compact 4.3” for Start 20 and 5” for Start 25 touch screen. The mount is semi-fixed and foldable. The dual mounting option gives one option of mounting it on windscreen or the dashboard. These Start Series gives seamless navigation across 7300 cities and towns in India and all of it without additional roaming costs.

TomTom provides free lifetime maps with the device ensuring one does not have any recurring costs for the lifetime of the device. A free map update service is provided four times a year to ensure that drivers enables a smarter and more powerful navigational experience. The voice guidance and spoken street names feature is available in 14 Indian languages including Hindi and English. The company’s IQ Routes™ technology enables the driver to calculate the optimum route and the accurate arrival time, therefore saving time and fuel.

For easy driving, the device comes with Split Screen – Advanced Lane Guidance feature which intimates the driver exactly which turn to take at complex junctions. Landmark Navigation, TomTom’s India specific feature for its PNDs are very helpful as they allow searching for destinations by its nearest landmarks like major intersections, parks, etc. An interesting feature is the Map Share community of TomTom, which allows drivers to personalize the TomTom map on their own device and also share and receive map changes with the Map Share community around the world.

For the user’s safety, the PND has ‘Help Me, Where am I?’ feature that locates the driver’s current and precise location whenever needed. One can also personalize the look of the navigation arrow with a car symbol of their choice like a Blue Bug, Black Cabrio, Ferrari, etc.

TomTom Start Series range is priced at Rs. 9,499 for Start 20 and Rs. 10,999 for Start 25, these GPS portable navigation devices are available online and at car accessories stores across India.

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