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Nissan GT R Nurburgring banned


This Nissan GT-R is Banned from the Nurburgring. Here’s why

There is a reason why the Nissan GT-R is called the ‘Godzilla’. It is surely one of the fiercest six cylinder cars out there with an exhaust note worthy of the nickname. Unfortunately, the sound of the car could also get you into trouble especially, if you have a tuned exhaust system. That’s what happened with this guy, whose heavily modified GT-R got banned from the Nurburgring for being too loud.

Apparently, the noise from the exhaust system of this vehicle reached 134 decibels. To educate you on how loud that is, here are some facts: a jet aircraft during take-off with afterburners produces 130 db and the threshold of pain for the human eardrum stands at 140 db, beyond which they could rupture. We are very curious as to just what this man did with the exhaust!

The Nissan GT-R in question reportedly has 760 horsepower and a set of street legal semi-slick tires. The video uploader, who is driving the Porsche 911 GT2 RS and following the GT-R says that the GT-R is no longer street legal.

Well, now it is no longer track legal either.

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