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Emile Bouret-Jeremy Clarkson-stunt-driver-Ford-GT-The Grand Tour


This guy drove the Ford GT for Jeremy Clarkson in The Grand Tour

Being a stunt driver for The Grand Tour must be the best job in the world.

Remember the classic ‘public transport versus fast car race’ from The Grand Tour? Well, this guy was behind the wheel of the Ford GT in some of the shots.

Jeremy Clarkson did drive the car during the actual race but for rest of the b-rolls and fly-bys they had professional stunt drivers like Emile Bouret. In fact, Emile got more seat time in the Ford GT than Clarkson himself. Before the race, the crew did a recce of the route and later, the car was driven back to New York. During this time, the police setup a rolling road block so that the film crew could take all the high speed shots.

According to Emile, the new Ford GT is absolutely brilliant. However, what does the new guy at Top Gear think about the American supercar?

What does Chris Harris think of the new Ford GT?

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