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Twin-turbo Lambo Huracan Zyrus-Nurburgring-Crash


This 1200 HP Lamborghini Huracan Crash could’ve been a lot worse

The driver of this 1200 hp Lamborghini Huracan had a lucky escape when the right rear tire gave up at 205 km/h.

The on-board footage shows driver Fredrik Sørlie hustling the twin-turbo Huracan around the Nurburgring. At around the 11 km mark, the car goes into a spin and barely misses the barriers. High track temperatures are believed to have caused the tire failure. As the driver was chasing lap times, the car was fitted with slick tires.


The twin-turbo Zyrus LP1200 is built by Norway-based Zyrus Engineering. It is based on the Super Trofeo chassis and features carbon fiber bodywork and an aero kit that generates more than 1200 kg of downforce.

The twin-turbo kit includes Inconel manifolds, titanium exhaust system and new intake manifolds. The car is also fitted with carbon ceramic brakes.

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