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Ferrari FXX at Top Gear test track


The Stig Laps Top Gear Track in a Ferrari FXX (Video)

Ferrari FXX at Top Gear test track

After the exit of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, Top Gear would not be the same. The world famous trio however, have left behind The Stig with BBC.

We would certainly won’t see a LaFerrari vs Mclaren P1 vs Porsche 918 review at the hands of the old TG team, but we can expect a supercar similar to the Ferrari FXX to visit the Top Gear test track in the future.

This is an old video from Top Gear of The Stig taking a Ferrari FXX around the TG test track at Dunsfold. One of the interesting facts about this black Ferrari FXX is that, it belongs to Michael Schumacher. The latest iteration of the car is the LaFerrari FXXK and we can only hope to see one at the track and hopefully beat the FXX’s lap time.

The Stig laps Top Gear track in a Ferrari FXX:

Source: TopGear via Youtube

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