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The Lamborghini Aventador J is a Feast for Supercar Spotters

How to make two Bugattis invisible? drive an Aventador J

When Lamborghini took the wraps off the Aventador J at 2012 Geneva Motor Show, it made more than a few jaws drop. The Jota was one of the most stunning designs to ever come out of Lamborghini’s Centro Stile. Unfortunately though, only one example of the car was made. It is natural then that the car is rarely seen and we only have a handful of spots of it. It was recently spotted in Marbella, Spain, where the car resides since its delivery in 2012.

The car was seen enjoying the Spanish sun and it is hard not to appreciate the splendid manner in which the sunlight makes the specific shade of red stand out. Spotting the Aventador J must be an event and achievement for any supercar spotter and a great number of them were lined up waiting for the supercar with cameras in hand. A Bugatti Chiron and the Veyron La Finale, the 450th and the last Veyron to be made also accompanied the Aventador Jota, clearly not getting as much attention as the one-off Aventador. How to make two Bugattis invisible? drive an Aventador J, a person on the comments rightly puts it.

The Aventador J has quite a story. While it is a one-off, the car was first conceived within Lamborghini itself and wasn’t a customer commission. Stephan Winkelmann, the then CEO of Lamborghini asked the design team to come up with ‘something special’ for the Geneva show and the project was put together within just six weeks. It is even more astonishing when you consider that the J is far more than an Aventador with the roof and windscreen chopped off. Only the front bonnet, front fender, rear fender and headlights remain from Lambo’s big V12 coupe. Every other panel is new.

One of the first prospective customer who was shown the design was so impressed by the car that he transferred $2.8 million to Lamborghini in a matter of minutes. Well, props to the man for keeping the car for these many years. We only wish that it was brought out a little more.

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