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The Grand Tour

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‘The Grand Tour’ is Clarkson, Hammond & May’s new TV Show

The Grand Tour

Richard Hammond was live on Facebook to invite folks to the filming of their new show- ‘The Grand Tour’. The show kicks off in Johannesburg on July 17. Clarkson, as always wants “Peugeot drivers” and “morons” to stay away.


It’s official folks! Clarkson, Hammond and James May’s new TV show on Amazon Prime will be called ‘The Grand Tour’.

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Following numerous brainstorming sessions, the ex-Top Gear trio have finally come up with a name for their new TV series. ‘The Grand Tour’ or ‘GT’ for short was revealed by the presenters on their personal twitter accounts. According to Clarkson, the show will be filmed in a tent, unlike the glamorous Dunsfold studios that have been home to Top Gear for all these years.

The Grand Tour Clarkson, Hammond, May TV show Amazon Prime

Basically, the team will filming from a different location every week and won’t stick to a permanent studio as such. We’re sure the setup would more than just a tent.

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