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The Essential Ferrari Buying Guide

The Italian powerhouse of luxurious sporting car manufacturers, Ferrari, is an iconic car brand synonymous with style, innovation and allure that most people will only ever dream of owning with only a few able to turn those dreams into realities. Ferrari has come a long way since its birth in 1947 in the town of Maranello, Italy. Over the years, it has solidified itself as a dominant force within Formula one racing and is continuously paving the way for high-performance road car innovation. Unrivalled in its ability to achieve a striking balance between aesthetics and emotive resonation for each Ferrari owner, owning a Ferrari will.

So how do you go about purchasing the right Ferrari? We Love Supercars has drafted together the essential Ferrari buying guide for those who are looking to level up in the automotive world and to become a true master of the open road behind the wheel of a luxurious Ferrari.

Popular Ferrari Models Currently On The Market

The current Ferrari market has remained relatively inclusive and available to just the few who can afford to purchase one. The second-hand classic Ferrari car market is a little more attainable for car enthusiasts than vintage models like the Ferrari F12 or the Ferrari 250 TR and will be more affordable than newer brand-new modern Ferrari models. The current lineup of high-performance Ferrari models on the market include:

Ferrari 812 GTS

Ferrari enthusiasts will have come to admire The Ferrari 812 v12 for its sleek and aesthetic design combined with a raw engine that produces a powerhouse of 789 horsepower. The 812 GTS comes with four-wheel steering, a 7-speed dual-clutch box and an electronically configured retractable hardtop.

Starting Price – $433,765

Ferrari Purosangue exterior-1

Ferrari Purosangue

The Purosangue is Ferraris’s first ever four-door, four-seater car in the history of the luxurious Italian car manufacturer’s history. The Purosangue resonates entirely with the Prancing Horse’s DNA, delivering quality driving performance and comfort all wrapped up in one to allow for a unique driving experience. The Purosangue also has a v12 65 engine which delivers maximum power of 725 cv.

Starting Price – $398,350

Ferrari 296 GTB

The Ferrari 296 GTB is a product of the Italian brand’s evolving of their mid-rear-engine two-seater sports berlinetta concept. Equipped with a new 120 v6 engine with a PHEV electric motor which can deliver up to 830 CV, the 296 GTB guarantees excitement and power while out on the open road.

Starting Price – $342,205

Ferrari 296 GTB-V6 Hybrid-Supercar-1

Is Buying A Ferrari A Good Investment?

When you think of Ferrari you instantly think of luxury and style, and let’s face it for many car enthusiasts it’s a dream to own one. The iconic brand is to be desired that much is true, but is buying a Ferrari a good investment to make?

Unlike other cars that depreciate in value very quickly and with age, a Ferrari will hold its value for years and even decades which makes buying a Ferrari a very good investment to make. Due to the Ferrari brand being so well-established and reputable for luxury sporting car excellence and the innovation and quality that is behind each design, their value will not depreciate in the same way as other cars. Ferraris are also not mass-produced, which means they are very exclusive which creates a rarity around owning a Ferrari which adds to the appeal and value of owning a Ferrari model, creating a status symbol that you just can’t replicate with other car brands.

Are Ferrari Vehicles Expensive To Maintain?

The question that every potential Ferrari buyer will want to know is whether or not Ferrari vehicles are expensive to maintain? As you could imagine with the purchase prices for all Ferrari models and Ferrari being at the elite level of luxury sporting cars, then maintenance costs won’t be fairly cheap like your average cars. Ferraris are built with some of the most high-quality car parts on earth and have been designed by industry-leading specialists and the maintenance costs will reflect this.
So, how much does it cost to service a Ferrari? As with any car manufacturer model, a service price will be dependent on the age, condition and type of model. On average, a standard Ferrari service will cost $1,200 – $2,000, whereas more complex service checks can cost you anywhere between $3,00 – $7,000. If you have an older Ferrari then having a simple oil change can cost $1,000 and spark plugs can cost around $3,000.

The initial purchase is undoubtedly the major sum you will have to pay, but people looking to purchase a Ferrari need to be aware of the not-so-cheap maintenance costs and if you want to keep your Ferrari at its optimal performance and to get the best out of your investment, then following a maintenance schedule is essential.

Owning A Ferrari Is More Achievable Than Ever

Owning a Ferrari isn’t a norm, it’s an extravagance and a bucket list for many Ferrari enthusiasts. Purchasing one won’t come cheap and will be a costly investment to make, but one that is worth every penny. Only you are able to know whether the investment is worth making. With so many finance packages available in place to purchase a Ferrari, owning a Ferrari has never been so in reach.

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