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Tesla Model S Shooting Brake by Niels van Roij Design Unveiled

This Tesla Model S Shooting Brake will see a 20 unit production run.

Niels van Roij Design has come up with a Shooting Brake version of the Tesla Model S. As per reports, the car is not just a design project but RemetzCar from Amsterdam has already decided to put it in production very soon. However, adding to the exclusivity of this Tesla Model S Shooting Brake is the fact that only 20 units will be built.

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The Tesla Model S Shooting Brake will use the same basic all-electric powertrain as the standard Model S. However, the design of the car, especially from B-pillar on wards has been completely overhauled. The most prominent change is the stretched roofline and a rear hatchback, which has resulted in an enlarged boot capacity. It has a steeply raked tail gate and chrome trim on the sides. On the inside, the Model S Shooting Brake employs new dashboard trims and badges.


This is not the first time that a Tesla Model S has gone under such a rework. In early 2018, Quest Norfolk had launched a similar Shooting Brake version based on the Model S. That said, the latest Model S Shooting Brake features bespoke design detailing which makes it more unique over the Qwest Norfolk version. Niels van Roij Design hasn’t disclosed the pricing however, considering the £70,000 price tag of the Qwest Model S, the former is expected to priced upwards of this.

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Niels van Roij said, “The conversion merges seamlessly with the Tesla base vehicle, while clearly communicating through form, design language and materials that this is a tailor-made Shooting Brake. And of course, we added a completely new sculpted rear end, keeping the shoulders of the car alive, thus ensuring a bold stance.”

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