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Tesla Cybertruck Takes off with 200,000 Orders

Or that’s what Elon Musk claims. Anyway, the divisive Tesla Cyrbertruck is one hell of a topic to discuss everywhere.

The Tesla Cyrbertruck is probably the most-memed and most-talked-about vehicle of the decade. And we have a feeling that it’s going to be the talk of the town for a long, long time. Right from the demonstration event which saw the glass windows breaking, to its boxy styling which either belongs in a 1980s sci-fi flick or in a kindergarten kid’s coloring book, the Cybertruck is making news and going viral.

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There is even news of Tesla losing more than $700 million in stock prices after the misfire that the live demo was. Who thought a bunch of broken car windows could cost a manufacturer so much? Anyway, Elon Musk seems unshaken and cool as a cucumber. Just the way he handled himself on seeing the glass break, the Tesla head honcho is perhaps laughing a lot more than we know. And he has reasons for grinning.

Musk had tweeted earlier that in 24 hours since its launch, the Cybertruck grabbed 146,000 pre-orders. He recently updated the numbers stating a revised figure of 200,000. Quite evident that a lot of people are interested in pre-ordering the boxy electric truck from Tesla.


And while those numbers may be impressive, do note that it only takes $100 to place a pre-order and we are talking about fully refundable amount here. So there’s a good chance that a lot of those pre-orders were placed by people who want to join in on the conversation and the fun. If they drop off after a few months with a refund, the actual sales figures may dip drastically when production starts in 2021.

We’d like to look at it this way, Elon Musk can now brag with confidence to investors and industry watchers that the Cybertruck has got 200,000 pre-orders. And it could help him with staying afloat in an otherwise troubling time.

Source: Elon Musk / Twitter

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