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Tata Motors Teases TAMO Futuro Sports Car Ahead of Geneva Debut

Tata Motors recently announced a new sub-brand, TAMO. Under this low-volume brand, the company has plans to launch sporty versions of its existing line up. But, to kick things off, the Indian car maker will unveil a low-cost two-door sports car at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

As a build up to the launch of the TAMO Futuro sports car, the marketing team has been steadily releasing teaser images. It’s hard to guess what the car would look like from this latest teaser. Hopefully, we will be treated to better images of the Futuro in the near future.

The TAMO Futuro will be a mid-engine, two-door sports car. A turbocharged petrol engine from their current line up would be ideal for the entry-level sports car. It will see a limited production run of just 250 units and is expected to go on sale in mid-2018.

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