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Ferrari themed mancave Phil Trigiani


Take a Tour of a Ferrari Themed Mancave With Two F40s

Just last week Tim was touring the Lamborghini Museum, checking out the Ad Personam Studio and even getting an exclusive look at the Terzo Millennio concept. Today, he gives us a tour of Ferrari Challenge driver Phil Trigiani’s garage in Toronto, Canada.

As one would expect, the entire mancave is shrouded with Ferrari themed everything. Starting with the cars, Mr. Trigiani owns two of the greatest legends from Ferrari’s road car history: The F40 and the F50. Here’s the thing, Trigiani owns not one but two F40s, one of which is finished in the standard red color and the other in an exquisite black paint. He also owns a 348 Speciale, which was the first Ferrari special edition car to be given the ‘Speciale’ moniker.

Close to the garage is Mr. Trigiani’s office which is laden with tons of Ferrari memorabilia, merchandise, model cars etc. The prancing horse logo can be seen everywhere. Suspension arms and brake discs are bolted to the chair while the desk is shaped like the local racetrack. Things don’t end here, as there is also a Ferrari themed pool table and even a, believe it or not, Ferrari themed toilet.

While Trigiani’s love for Ferrari definitely shines all around the mancave, he also owns interesting cars from other brands. Cars like the Dodge Demon, Polaris Slingshot, a Cobra, a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead, and even a Military Humvee can be seen parked at the property.

In summary, this is definitely one of the most interesting garages we have seen in a while.

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