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Triumph Scrambler vs Suzuki Jimny


Suzuki Jimny or Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE? Top Gear’s Unusual Comparison Test

Top Gear’s Jack Rix deploys a Triumph Scrambler to challenge the Suzuki Jimny in an unusual comparison.

The Suzuki Jimny isn’t a supercar. But it’s exciting enough to garner the attention of thousands of motoring enthusiasts around the world. The nimble little off-roader has also proven itself to be an amazing canvas to customize too.

So Top Gear’s Deputy Editor decided to take it out to the terrain where it’s supposed to excel and to make the video more engaging, he added an additional set of wheels to the mix. No, no, we aren’t speaking of a Suzuki Jimny 6X6. Not yet.

Rix brought along a Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE. The 1200 XE variant in the Scrambler line-up is the extreme one in the family with long-travel suspension, upgraded electronics, and wide handlebars. It’s meant to be taken out of the road and into the trails. Much like the Suzuki off-roader.

Both the Jimny and the Scrambler have a lot of similarities. The power output, naturally-aspirated engines, manual gearboxes, prices and the purpose that they were built for, to name a few. As a bonus, they look great in the city and perform brilliantly off-road.

Top Gear conducted the test at Triumph’s Adventure Experience Center in Wales. The Jimny and the Scrambler took on each other in one-at-a-time timed laps around the off-road course.

So who won? Watch the video for the action and the results.

Source: Top Gear / YouTube

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