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Supercar Sales 2017: Ferrari, Lamborghini & McLaren register growth

Supercar sales numbers for 2017 are in – Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren register growth.

As the desire for high performance cars among wealthy individuals soars, supercar makers have registered a huge rise in sales. The three major supercar makers – Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren have announced their figures for 2017 and the sales seem higher than ever. While McLaren sold 54 more cars in 2017 than in the previous year, Lamborghini and Ferrari saw more than 10% increase in sales compared to 2016.


Lamborghini-Huracan Performante-1

2017 was another record breaking year for Lamborghini as it delivered 3815 cars around the globe through its extensive network of 145 dealerships in 50 countries. The United States served as the largest market for the raging bull, followed by Japan, UK, Germany, China, Canada and Middle-East. However, with the launch of its super sport utility vehicle Urus, Lamborghini plans to double its sales figures within the next two years. It plans to sell 7000 vehicles by the end of 2019.


Ferrari Portofino-2017-Frankfurt Motor Show-6

Lamborghini’s Italian counterpart and arch rival Ferrari remained ahead of the pack, as always. Ferrari sold 6381 cars until November 2017. Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne reported that Ferrari had met its target of €1 billion annual profit two years ahead of target, making the NYSE listed supercar maker a hot stock for investors. Ferrari is expected to continue its lead with the launch of the new Portofino convertible and the upcoming 488 GTO/Speciale. Marchionne also announced that the company is working on an SUV to ramp up the production to 10,000 cars per year by 2021.


McLaren 570S Spider-launch-1

Mclaren is fast catching up on the other two rivals and scored its best sales year in history, shifting 3340 cars in 2017 – a modest increase from previous year’s 3286 cars, which itself was a 99.3% growth over 2015. The majority of the sales came from the Sport Series range –  570S coupe and Spider, 570GT and 540C. They accounted for 2119 sales. With no ultimate series car in production in 2017, the Super Series, i.e. the 720S took up the other 1221 cars.

Unlike the other two, Mclaren hasn’t announced any SUV for its lineup but through its Track22 Business plan has a robust product launch schedule ahead of it, including the BP23 Hyper GT and an electric supercar.

We are excited for what the three car makers have in store for 2018.

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