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Supercar Exhaust Sound Quiz: Can you guess them all?

Guess these supercar exhaust sounds and win exciting goodies.

Supercar enthusiasts often think of naturally aspirated engines with a sense of nostalgia. Not just for the instant throttle response but also because of the scintillating sounds that come out of their exhausts. Meanwhile, turbocharged cars have been blamed for sounding shallow. However, naturally aspirated engines have become just that – a nostalgia, since most supercars today are turbocharged.

Usually, DragTimes uploads videos of supercars racing each other but this time they’ve setup a rev battle between the McLaren 720S, Ford GT and the Ferrari 488 GTB – three turbocharged supercars. Now, it is up to you – the viewer to match the right exhaust note to each of these cars. Those who guess all three correctly stand a chance to win a Dragy GPS-based performance meter.

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