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Lamborghini Veneno for sale in US


Super Rare Lamborghini Veneno For Sale in the US

Lamborghini Veneno for sale in US

A Lamborghini Veneno is for sale in the US (see image). It is just 1 of 3 hard top Veneno supercars ever built which makes it even more exclusive than your average LaFerrari or a McLaren P1. That is one reason why this low mileage Lamborghini Veneno is priced at $8.5 million including full insurance and international shipping.

If you are into Lamborghinis, then you won’t get anything more exclusive than a Veneno coupe. It is built around an Aventador chassis but features a rather flamboyant exterior with lots of carbon fiber and perhaps the largest rear wing of any modern Lamborghini supercar.

Kris Singh with Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Another cool thing about this Lamborghini Veneno is that it is the very first Veneno built by the factory- hence chassis #1. In case you are wondering, this is the one with red accents on its bodywork. Lamborghini built three cars each with red, green and white pinstripes. As you might know, Kris Singh also owns a Lamborghini Veneno. It is the one with the green stripes.

The 6.5-liter V12 engine that powers the beast makes 740 hp and has just 110 miles on it. The ultra-lightweight chassis helps when it comes acceleration. Yes, it’s an expensive proposition but the Veneno seems to have a lot of investment potential.

Super Rare Lamborghini Veneno for sale in US image gallery:

Source: Daily Driven Exotics via Facebook

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