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Street Racing McLaren Crashes in Los Angeles

A McLaren and a couple of other cars were involved in crash that took place in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Initial reports by eyewitnesses suggest that the cars were travelling at a high rate of speed before wrecking at Woodland Hills.

The green McLaren involved in the incident crashed heavily destroying the front end of the vehicle. Apparently, an Audi also involved in the wreck. A 70 year old man was at the wheel of the Audi A6. Drivers of both vehicles were rushed to the hospital, however there’s still no word on their condition.

That said, according to the police, more cars might be involved who could’ve fled the scene. Eyewitness accounts point to a Dodge Challenger or Charger which was racing the McLaren.

If these drivers were actually involved in street racing, we can expect the police the hunt for the other suspects. Also, looking at the state of the Mclaren, it shows how dangerous it is to drive over the speed limit, especially on surface streets.


Source: ABC7

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