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SSC Tuatara 331 mph top speed run


SSC Tuatara hits a top speed of 295 MPH in 2.3 miles, officially

SSC North America has reached a new milestone in top-speed testing of the Tuatara hypercar. It reached 295 mph over a distance of 2.3 miles.

The top speed run was conducted at the Johnny Bohmer Proving grounds at Space Florida’s Launch and Landing Facility on May 14, 2022. According to the company, the top speed was confirmed by Racelogic’s dual VBOX GNSS system. A Life Racing GPS was also used for additional data acquisition.

SSC’s previous record attempt had created a huge internet storm. Therefore, to avoid a similar controversy, the company invited Racelogic technician Mitchell Townsend and Robert Mitchell, the owner of Apex Nuerberg, to witness the top speed run.

Unfortunately, the SSC Tuatara did not reach the magical 300 mph figure this time around. It still needs 10 mph more to beat the record set by the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+. That being said, we might get to see more speed runs in the future.

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