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Singapore Dealership builds Supercar Vending Machine

Vending machines are a common sight around modern, developed cities. In Singapore, they’ve taken this concept to a whole new level.

Autobahn Motors have built a supercar vending machine. The 15-story structure can house 60 cars at any given time. Customers walk into the facility and interact with a touchscreen display which operates the machine.

A command is sent to the advanced retrieval system of the supercar vending machine and the vehicle is delivered in just a couple of minutes.

Gary Hong of Autobahn Motors told Reuters that the vending machine format was aimed at making efficient use of space in land-scarce Singapore as well as standing out from the competition.

“We needed to meet our requirement of storing a lot of cars. At the same time, we wanted to be creative and innovative,” he said. Moreover, the dealership has been approached by developers who are interested in using a similar “supercar vending machine” for parking services.

We quite like this idea of a supercar vending machine. What are your thoughts? Would you like to make your next car purchase in a similar fashion?

Source: Reuters

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