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Salomondrin-McLaren 675LT-For Sale


Salomondrin’s McLaren 675LT for Sale

Salomondrin is selling his McLaren 675LT. That’s right. He is getting rid of it and is now listed for sale at Evan Paul Motorcars. Also, not too long ago, he sold off his Porsche 918 Spyder.

So, what will he replace it with? Well, Alejandro has a three cars coming withing the next 45 days and while he does have quite a large garage, there just isn’t enough room for all his cars. That said, he does mention that the 675LT will be replaced with a 720S, for the time being.

In case you’re wondering, Salomondrin’s 675LT is 1 of 15 cars that have the roof scoop. It’s spec’ed in a bright orange with a matte finish, loads of carbon fiber extras, a black roof and of course that scoop which makes it rather special.

Salomondrin is selling his McLaren 675LT:

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