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Dodge Challenger Demon leaked image-NY Auto Show


Rumor has it that Dodge Challenger Demon will have 1023 hp

We’re just hours away from the launch of the Dodge Challenger Demon at the 2017 New York Auto Show. The extensive twelve part teaser campaign didn’t really reveal much in terms of performance figures. That’s still a secret or is it?

The monster has finally broken cover. Here are the power figures: Power Mode 1: 757hp Power Mode 2: 815hp Power Mode 3 1023hp Now the last power Mode is achieved with only the following parameters in place: 1. Race Fuel: 100 octane or better 2. Crate PCM (crate purchased separately from the car for approximately $3,000) 3. Drag Mode Initiated, allowing higher RPM and broader power delivery in this drag mode… Car will break 9s stock and deep into 8s with few modifications just like the Hellcat has dipped into the 9s quite easily. Driving around town with 815hp from the 6.2L V8 is nuts. STOCK. @dodgeofficial has built a weapon of a car. Internals of the car have been significantly strengthened as is the biggest weakness of the Hellcat, the driveshaft. You will be able to push this car deep into 1000hp easily with the right modifications without the use of race fuel in power Mode 2, just how Hellcat owners have seen 1000whp with their cars. Dodge is one of those companies that listens to its customers and they have literally given us what we all want. I love my MOPAR vehicles just as much as my Italian exotics…..Mopar or no Car baby ????????????????????

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There are rumors floating around the internet about the Challenger Demon’s horsepower figure. Apparently, the Demon will have three engine modes with up to 1023 hp at your disposal. Power Mode 1 with 757 hp is the base tune and will probably be the default mode. Power Mode 2 ups it to 815 hp while Mode 3 unlocks the full Bugatti!

While, it all sounds exciting, we will have to wait for an official announcement. If however, the rumors turn out to be facts, then it might just be the best “price to performance” muscle car ever.

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