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Rev Battle: Porsche Carrera GT vs Lexus LFA

The Porsche Carrera GT and the Lexus LFA have a couple things in common. Both are powered by naturally aspirated by V10 engines and both make an absolutely bonkers sound when revved hard.

The Carrera GT- one of the “holy trinity” has a 5.7-liter V10 engine that puts out 612 hp @ 8000 rpm and 435 lb-ft of torque at 5750 rpm. The engine was initially planned to power Porsche’s Formula 1 car which never saw the light of day. Hence, the free-revving nature and that glorious soundtrack.

The Lexus LFA was designed to be a technological masterpiece. Unlike the Carrera GT, the LFA is a front-engine rear-wheel drive car featuring a 4.8-liter V10. The screamer kicks out 552 hp @ 8700 rpm and 354 lb-ft @ 6800 rpm.

So, which of these makes the better noise? Checkout the following video and decide for yourself. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Rev Battle: Porsche Carrera GT vs Lexus LFA

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