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Ferrari limousine-360 Modena-Los Angeles


VIDEO: Rental Ferrari Limousine Spotted in Los Angeles

You can now get a tour of Los Angeles in a Ferrari limousine. A yellow Ferrari limousine was posted by effspot on Hollywood blvd. in Los Angeles. It is apparently 1 of 3 limousines based on a Ferrari 360, with one in London and the other in Dubai.

Who would ever want to slice open a Ferrari 360 to convert it into a limousine and then offer $59 rides to tourists, I’m not sure. It does have 8 seats, so that’s a bonus. That said, the engine is still at the back and obviously, the front end is from a 360. The stretched portion in the middle however has been fabricated in a shop and let’s be honest, the build quality isn’t that great.

Let us know what you think about this Ferrari limousine- Cool or uncool?

Ferrari limousine spotted in LA:

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