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Nurburgring Edition Lexus LF-A for sale-1


Rare ‘Nurburgring Edition’ Lexus LF-A For Sale

Nurburgring Edition Lexus LF-A for sale-1

Someone put up a 1 of 50 ‘Nurburgring Edition’ Lexus LF-A for sale in Germany. Now, you don’t expect a supercar like the LF-A to come cheap. The seller of this rare Lexus LF-A though is asking for an astronomical sum of $7 million!

For that kind of money you could get a couple of Bugatti Chirons with a top speed of 267 mph. Pagani or Koenigsegg would be more than happy to sell you a couple of their bespoke creations as well. So, would you still buy a used Lexus instead of a Huayra or Regera? Let us know in the comments section below. But, before you scroll down here are some of the facts about this particular LF-A.

The Lexus LF-A is not doubt a brilliant supercar. Especially, the 4.8-liter naturally aspirated V10 that screams to 8700 rpm. It produces a peak output of 553 hp which is dispatched to the rear wheels via a 6-speed transmission. It is one of the best sounding supercars ever made.

Now, Lexus built 50 units of the ‘Nurburgring Edition’ with performance improvements adding up to around $70,000 above the base price of $375,000. A carbon fiber fixed rear wing, tweaked suspension and gearbox and lightweight wheels along with a 10 hp boost in overall output made it 8.85 sec quicker around the Nurburgring than the standard car. Hence, the name.

The Lexus LF-A listed for sale here is rather unique as it features the CEO Akio Toyoda’s signature. The interior is lined with Alcantara and bare carbon fiber trim. According to the seller, this is chassis no 00275 and has just 423 miles on it.

Lexus LF-A ‘Nurburgring Edition’ Ring lap video:

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