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Ferrari LaFerrari for sale in the US-6


Rare LaFerrari For Sale in the US Costs $4.7 Million

Ferrari LaFerrari for sale in the US-6

The exclusive Ferrari LaFerrari was sold to a select group of collectors who Ferrari thought would take great care of their masterpiece and not sell it for profit as soon as there was demand. Well, someone in the US wants to cash in and has put his LaFerrari for sale. The rare exotic is listed at Fort Lauderdale Collection South with a price tag of $4.7 million.

Now is you chance to own one of the marvels of modern automotive engineering that’s if you have $4.7 million in spare cash. This particular example is wrapped in a Rosso Corsa which is the same hue found on Ferrari’s famous race cars. Gloss black wheels and canopy provide a nice contrast. The interior is mostly bare carbon fiber with Alcantara on the dashboard. The seats however are wrapped in black leather with red inserts.

With just 388 miles on the clock, the previous owner hasn’t driven his LaFerrari much. Which means the 6.3-liter V12 engine with HY-KERS has seen little or no wear whatsoever. This 950 hp powerhouse needs to be unleashed once again. Hopefully, the next owner wouldn’t see it as just another investment prospect and appreciate its performance.

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Source: Fort Lauderdale Collection

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