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Prototype of the Pagani Huayra Successor Crashes in Germany

The last iteration of the Pagani Huayra will arrive in the form of the BC Roadster later this year. The successor to the Huayra is scheduled to be launched in early 2020. With less than two years to the launch, we were expecting to see the first prototypes of the new model. True to our hopes, one of the first mules has finally been spotted, just not in the situation we thought we would see it.

The prototype sporting a QR code camouflage was found crashed into shrubs near AMG’s factory in Affalterbach, Germany. Local publication Stuttgarter-Zeitung reports that the test-driver lost control of the supercar after accelerating too hard while leaving a section of road works near the factory. It is difficult to ascertain the damage sustained by the prototype.

Earlier this year, Pagani confirmed that the Huayra replacement will use an upgraded version of the current twin-turbo V12 supplied by AMG. Hence, we suspect that the prototype may have been testing the new engine that will power the Huayra successor. There is also the possibility that Pagani might have been testing some powertrain upgrades for a future performance package similar to the Pacchetto-Tempesta Pack. However this seems unlikely.

While, the loss of a test car may cause a slight inconvenience, development of the Huayra successor will definitely continue.

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