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Lamborghini Aventador successor-production-spec-1


Production-spec Lamborghini Aventador successor tries to hide from car spotter

Lamborghini is gearing up to debut its next-gen hybrid V12 supercar on March 29, 2023. In the meantime, development engineers are currently in the process of signing off on the Lamborghini Aventador successor.

As you would expect, most of the prototypes out there now look production-ready as we get closer to the launch date. One such production-spec Aventador successor mule was recently spotted by Varryx. You can see the test driver trying to avoid the photographer as he reverses back into the factory premises.

Varryx knows his way around Sant’Agata and was able to capture the same test car on its way back to the factory. This time you can see the Aventador successor in much more detail. It has Sian-like Y-shaped LED daytime running lights and Z-shaped side bents with flying buttresses on either side. Also note the engine bay, which is now exposed to the elements.

Lamborghini Aventador successor-production-spec-2

The Aventador successor will be powered by an all-new hybrid powertrain. It features a naturally aspirated V12 engine supported by electric motors. Sources tell us that the ICE alone could develop around 850 hp, while the combined output is expected to be about 1050 hp.

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