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Ferrari F12 Tdf trunk space


Practicality Check: Ferrari F12 Tdf vs LaFerrari

Ferrari F12 Tdf trunk space

You don’t buy a supercar for its boot/trunk space, do you? You buy it for its performance. Also, those who happen to own a LaFerrari or an F12 Tdf have other, more practical options sitting in their garage equipped with a large loading space.

Still, we all know how ridiculously impractical some supercars are and just to put things into perspective Youtuber alexsmolik decided to make this handy video comparing the boot space on a Ferrari F12 Tdf and a LaFerrari.

The F12 has enough space in the trunk for a GoPro camera but will it fit in the LaFerrari? Checkout the video to find out.

Practicality check: Ferrari F12 Tdf vs LaFerrari

Source: alexsmonik

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