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Cayman GT4 with Porsche 911 R livery-1


Porsche 911 R Livery is the perfect wrap for a Cayman GT4

Cayman GT4 with Porsche 911 R livery-2

The Cayman GT4 is the most hardcore model in the Cayman range. I think this Porsche 911 R livery does suit well on the sportiest of Caymans.

The limited edition 911 R was launched with a selection of livery options. This red-black combo with bold stripes running down the length of the car was among the factory options available. Impressive Wraps Hong Kong thought it was a good idea to replicate the 911 R livery on a Cayman GT4 and I think it looks brilliant.

Cayman GT4 with Porsche 911 R livery-4

Having said that, despite being a fast car, the GT4 won’t win races against its big brother. It’s powered by a 3.8-liter flat-6 engine from the Carrera S which makes around 385 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. The 911 R on the other hand has the engine from the GT3. That’s rated at 500 hp.

Being a low-volumes model, not many people would afford a 911 R. So, we might see more and more people opting for this 911 R livery replica instead.

Cayman GT4 wrapped in Porsche 911 R livery gallery:

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