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This Crashed Bugatti Chiron Could be a Test Car (Update)

A Bugatti spokesperson just confirmed to German car magazine BILD that the image of a crashed Bugatti Chiron was real and that it was caused due to driver negligence.

“The driver was unfortunately a little inattentive, which is why the car landed in the road ditch. Fortunately nobody was hurt,” the spokeperson said.

November 26, 2016

An image of a crashed Bugatti Chiron surfaced on GTBoard’s Facebook page recently. Since then, the grainy image of a Chiron being towed away has been reported by multiple blogs and forums. Thing is, no one knows about the authenticity of the picture. But, some say it could be a test car that was used in a crash test and that’s quite plausible.

The low-res image of what definitely looks like a crashed Bugatti Chiron was shared by on Facebook but the person who uploaded it didn’t share any details whatsoever. Hence, it’s hard to judge whether the image is real or just someone showcasing their Photoshop skills.

Now, Bugatti has been putting the Chiron through the most intense safety tests including high-speed crash tests. The car in the image seems to have suffered damage to the front as some portion of the bumper can be seen hanging. The digger converted for a towing a car does seem out of place. If it were a crash that took place on a public road, I would expect to see a more sophisticated machine handling a $2.5 million hypercar.

So, if the image is real, my guess would be it’s a test car that’s being towed away perhaps at Bugatti’s own test facility. The grainy, low-res image was probably snapped using a mobile phone from a distance.

Tell us what you think about this picture. Do you think it’s real?

Source: GTBoard

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