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Phase-2 of Ford GT Application Process to Begin Later This Year

If your application to buy the Ford GT was rejected the last time, Ford has some news for you.  The company is going to reopen the application process for the supercar in the fourth-quarter of 2018.

The application process will be the same as before. Fans who applied to purchase the car the first time around, and weren’t selected, will be given an opportunity to update their application and try again. It might be a long shot since 7000 people applied in the first-phase but only 500 were given the privilege to spend $450,000 on the supercar. But, if you have a good social-media presence and are willing to regularly drive the car, you have a good chance.

There is a probability that Ford might get even more stringent this time since the company had to deal with a number of legal battles with GT owners who violated terms of the contract. Most popular of which was the case with WWE wrestler John Cena who sold the car just weeks after taking delivery, violating the no-resale terms. The case got settled when Cena agreed to pay an undisclosed amount in damages to the company.

We will know more when Ford releases new information about the application process this fall.

Source: Motor Authority

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