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Ferrari 296 GTB Ammo NYC paint quality


Paint quality on this $500,000 Ferrari 296 GTB is far from perfect

When you spend half a million dollars on a brand-new supercar, you expect it to be delivered to you in pristine condition. However, when this Ferrari 296 GTB arrived at Ammo NYC, it was far from perfect.

Besides the usual swirl marks and minor scratches, there was a tonne of residue in the nooks and crannies, which was later found to be a polishing compound.

Larry also realized that the team at the factory had tried to polish some imperfections in the paint, and while doing so, missed the driver’s side rear quarter panel. The orange peel was clearly visible on this panel.

The piano black also had several scratches, overspray on some of the rear panels and several deposits in the door jams.

In the end, this Ferrari 296 GTB left Ammo NYC looking shiny and spotless, just the way a $500,000 supercar should.

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