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Pagani Zonda 760VR


Pagani Zonda 760VR one-off spotted in the UK

Pagani Zonda 760VR

Pagani Zonda 760VR is among the very few newer Zondas. How? Well, if you own an old Zonda, you can get it modernized from Pagani with a new body kit, engine upgrade, interior, etc. It is a special program that the company runs for its old customers and is a pretty novel strategy. One such unique Pagani Zonda 760VR was spotted in London, UK.

It was originally built as a Zonda F Roadster (chassis no. 76089) which is a one of just 25 Roadster ever built. Taking advantage of the aforementioned customization and upgrade program, the owner of this Zonda F got his car thoroughly modified from the great man- Horaccio Pagani. It has turned to amazing!

The Pagani Zonda 760VR retains its original chassis and interior. The exterior however is based on the Cinque which is characterized by the rear spoiler, deck lid and roof scoop. The front splitter, ram air scoops on the rear fenders, side skirts, etc. have also been revised. That said, the engine too has been updated with the latest AMG V12 from the 760-series.

Pagani Zonda 760VR out n about in London:

Source: TheTFJJ via Youtube

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