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Pagani Zonda 760 RSJX


Pagani Zonda 760 RSJX Special Edition delivered to Hong Kong

Pagani Zonda 760 RSJX

Pagani Zonda 760 RSJX

The first supercar Pagani produced on a mass scale was the Zonda. Over the years, the small Italian factory kept churning out made-to-order supercars for wealthy clients around the world. Now, the Huayra may have taken over the production line, but there still those who prefer the naturally aspirated V12 of the Zonda. So, Horaccio Pagani builds some exclusive cars for these special clientele.

One such special edition is the new Pagani Zonda 760 RSJX. Made for a wealthy individual from Hong Kong, the 760 RSJX is based on the Zonda 760 RS with a special paint scheme and various other unique bits. The aero on the supercar is based on the awesome Zonda R. The engine is the same 7.3-liter AMG screamer that puts down 760 hp via the rear wheels. The whole car is built around a carbon fiber tub and features engineering that is nothing short of art.

The following video is of the new Pagani Zonda 760 RSJX before being loaded on to a truck. You can also find the images of the car being unloaded at the Pagani dealership in Hong Kong at

Pagani Zonda 760 RSJX Special Edition supercar:

Source: Brianzuk via Youtube / Images via Prototypezero

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