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Audi R8 RWS


Quick Overview: Audi R8 supercar & Audi A3 Sportback Black Edition

A starting price of around £117,000 puts the Audi R8 is the supercar division and the latest version has a bevy of features that push the cars looks and performance further up the table with a fantastic balance of sensation and sensibility. Plus, having recently beautifully displayed itself at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Audi R8 V10 RWS is the next big platform for Audi fanatics to take hold of. Audi just keep on delivering and this article will look at what’s changed since the original R8 and look at the brand from a neutral perspective.

What’s changed?

The original R8 was a great motorcar, it handled well, even in the wet, was a triumph of engineering and had a reliable temperament. More importantly, it was super quick and made for an adrenaline fuelled driving experience.

Now Audi have upped the ante even further. They have made two major changes, first, they have stopped making the “entry level” V8 option and instead have elected to put out two V10 R8s, one with 540 bhp and another with 610 bhp.


In addition to this, Audi have made some changes to the body, it is lighter and stronger due to the exchange of some of aluminium parts for carbon fibre. An upgrade in the electronics department further enhances the sensational driving experience without compromising security and safety. Whilst inside the cockpit, you will find supercar design, but with all the comfort and technology of a plush coupe – in this instance the TT.

In the driving seat

Once in the driving seat, the R8’s quattro chassis feels keener than the older version and it’s more agile, due to the electronically controlled centre diff. Sports modes turn this roaring beast into one that is also hyper-responsive and with epic force – all this without the aid of a turbo.

Inside, the R8 is low slung and the main display screen is multi-functional, allowing the driver to adjust things like the supercar layout or set up a supersize navigation map – the finish throughout is impeccable.

From the sublime to the mainstream

Audi A3 Sportback Black Edition UK

At the opposite end of the Audi range is the ubiquitous A3, arguably the best pound for pound hatchback on the market. The A3 has received plaudits and accolades aplenty over the years and remains the archetypal family hatch.

The Audi A3 comes in two forms, the three door and the Sportback with 5 doors. The petrol TFSI engines come in several sizes, as do the diesel engines and all have turbos.

The Black Edition

A top of the range Black Edition A3, with added extras such as the Technology Pack and Fine Nappa leather upholstery, costs around £38,000 and for this you get 0 – 60 in 6.1 seconds and a combined fuel consumption of 47.9 mpg.

The sleek lines of the exterior, while not exactly sporty, are stylish and cut a fine silhouette from any angle, while the interior offers plenty of space for a car in this class. So, what you will ultimately find is that you have a car that is comfortable, great to look at, that is quick with excellent handling and that is safe.

While the difference in price between the R8 and the A3 is more than significant, both are investments worth looking after. Audi GAP Insurance proves to be a popular and suitable way of handling the finance behind the Audi car of your dreams. So, whether you opt for a supercar or a super car it is well worth checking out.

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