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Overhaulin’: All-New Seasons are Coming to the MotorTrend App!

The MotorTrend App is getting more awesome content along with BBC Top Gear as Chip Foose’s Overhaulin’ series has been picked up for revival.

Overhaulin’ was one of the best car build shows of its time and one which genuinely appreciated as well as celebrated the emotional connection between a car and its owner. Led by the distinguished Chip Foose whose restomod and restoration works have always garnered praise, Overhaulin’ had a remarkable five seasons run on TLC before taking a vacation. It popped up on Velocity after four years and then vanished again.

Now, the series has been picked up by MotorTrend App with all new seasons being commissioned for the streaming service. This will add more value to the app which is already the hub for everything Top Gear.

The best part is that the show’s revival will witness the return of the endearing and extremely likable original hosts – Chip Foose, Chris Jacobs, and Adrienne Janic. The original format is highly unlikely to change and will continue to revolve around the team working with the families of car owners as they restore and restomod vehicles while pulling pranks on the unsuspecting marks.

Head over to the Application Form right here to nominate a friend or family member with a good car and a great story. Who knows, they may get to have their cars featured and redone by Chip Foose and his crew in the latest season on Overhaulin’.

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