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One-off Rosso Dino Ferrari Enzo For Sale in the US

Maserati of Newport Beach in Florida has a rare, one-off Ferrari Enzo for sale. This one-of-a-kind Enzo supercar was commissioned in a special shade of Ferrari red inspired by their classic sports cars.

This Ferrari Enzo is finished in Rosso Dino named after Enzo Ferrari’s son who tragically died at the tender age of 24. The paint was first used on the Dino series of sports cars built by Ferrari. These included the 246 GT Dino, 365 GTB/4 Dayton and others.

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The previous owner of this special Enzo maintained and took great care of his supercar for the last 14 years. Since taking delivery, the owner has clocked just 3611 miles. Clearly, it has rarely been used except on special occasions.

Ferrari built 400 units of the Enzo. Given the fact that just one out the 400 cars was painted in Rosso Dino makes it all the more special.

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The Enzo was built to be a Formula 1 car for the road. That kind of raw, unadulterated driving experience hard to find in a modern supercar. Naturally, prices for the Enzo have skyrocketed. The one-off Rosso Dino Ferrari Enzo is priced at $3.7 million. We’re not surprised.

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