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Ferrari KC23-shakedown


One-off Ferrari KC23 hits the racetrack for final test run

The one-off Ferrari KC23 broke cover in July this year. The car, which has been commissioned by one of the brand’s VIP clients, is now almost ready for delivery. The KC23 recently hit the racetrack for one final test run ahead of its handover.

The KC23 is based on the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo. It’s essentially an expensive piece of art that can also be driven around a racetrack. The car features a futuristic design with automatically opening air intakes and a removable rear wing. It has Lamborghini Countach-style doors, while the front fascia is inspired by the Le Mans-winning 499P. The car is painted in Gold Mercury – a specially developed four-layer paint and aluminium base.

While KC23 has an exquisitely crafted exterior, the same can’t be said about its cabin. The car shares its interior with the 488 GT3. Naturally, it’s quite bare-bones with a tonne of switches, just like the race car it’s based on.

Ferrari says the chassis and suspension are set up purely for non-competitive track use. Under the bonnet is the same twin-turbo V8 engine from the 488 GT3.

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