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Nissan Nismo Z-teaser


Nissan is building a hotter Nismo Z, and we can’t wait

The Nissan Z is an awesome sports car, and how do you transform it into an even more exciting machine? Well, let the guys at Nismo work their magic.

Nissan is developing a Nismo Z, and if the latest official teaser is anything to go by, the car will be absolutely epic.

The teaser shows pro drifter Chris Forsberg sliding around in a Nissan Z. Eagle-eyed viewers will be quick to point out that this isn’t a standard Z. The car has a more aggressive body kit with red accents, a new spoiler and black wheels with red brake calipers. Inside, the Nismo Z features bucket seats with the ‘Nismo’ logo and even a 5-point racing harness.

The Nismo Z is expected to pack the same twin-turbo V6 as the standard car. However, we can expect it to get a few performance modifications as well. The car might also receive some chassis tweaks.

The Nissan Nismo Z certainly seems like an exciting proposition. It will be interesting to see how it compares with the Toyota Supra.

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