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Nissan GTR rear-ends an Aston Martin DBS during Cannonball rally

A video of a Nissan GTR crashing into an Aston Martin DBS Volante is being circulated on social media. The accident is said to have taken place during a charity event in Dublin, Ireland. The decals on the cars suggest that the event was part of the Cannonball Ireland 2022 rally, held from September 9-11.

The video shows a black DBS Volante slowing down. Just as it stops, a Nissan GTR rear-ends it causing a lot of damage. The GTR also suffers a lot of damage in the accident.

This video is a graphic example of a driver trying to put on show for the crowd and failing miserably. He misjudges the speed of the car in front and just ploughs into it. Of course, at that speed it would’ve been quite difficult to stop in time.

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