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Nissan GT-R vs BMW M5


Nissan GT-R vs BMW M5 on the race track

Nissan GT-R vs BMW M5

Nissan GT-R vs BMW M5

EVO pits Godzilla against one of the best performance saloons on the planet. The Nissan GT-R and the BMW M5 with the Competition Package are priced in the same price bracket but are very different when it comes to power delivery, handling and driving experience.

The Nissan GT-R though underpowered compared to the M5 has the upper hand in the corners, thanks to all-wheel drive grip. The BMW has 25 hp more than the GT-R from its 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 but is heavy and is quite lively in the corners. At the hands of a professional racing driver, the Nissan GT-R blitzed the track in just 1min 16.9 seconds while the M5 was slower than the M4 at 1 min 19.7 seconds. Watch the video for a more in depth look at the performance of both the cars.

Nissan GT-R vs BMW M5 video:

Source: EVO via Youtube

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