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Porsche 911 GT3 992 Monza spy shots


Next-Gen Porsche 911 GT3 Testing with Naturally Aspirated Engine?

Last month, it was reported that the next-gen Porsche 911 GT3 would swap its naturally aspirated engine for a twin-turbo flat-6. But, a 992 GT3 prototype spotted recently at Monza suggests otherwise. The prototype sounds very much like it’s running a naturally aspirated flat-six. It seems Porsche has decided to listen to the enthusiasts instead of succumbing to emissions regulations or has it?

Perhaps, the company is still testing the rumored twin-turbo engine alongside the naturally aspirated unit. Still, the news should be enough to give relief to Porsche fans around the world. While the fate of the powertrain might be undecided, we very much expect the 992 GT3 to be offered with a manual option similar to the current generation car.

Coming to the prototype itself, it is actually hard to tell if it’s a GT3 or a GT3 RS. It sports a strange new wing unlike the one seen on current generation car. Also, the front and rear are camouflaged to hide the other aero bits on the car.

In any case, we don’t expect the GT3 to be introduced before 2020. Deliveries of the Cabriolet and Turbo models are likely to commence next year, which will be followed by other models in the range.

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