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New Details Emerge on Aston Martin’s Project 003 ‘Baby Valkyrie’

Aston Martin is hard at work on the Valkyrie hypercar, its most ambitious project to date. The British marque will reportedly start testing prototypes of the car later next month before production kicks off in early 2019. While, Aston is putting the final touches on the Valkyrie, work is also underway on another hypercar dubbed Project 003 or the ‘Baby Valkyrie’ as some call it. Details are scarce but we have gathered more information about it from a thread on McLarenlife forum.

Aside from being nicknamed the ‘baby Valkyrie’, the project is internally known as the AM-RB 003. The number signifies that it’s the third collaborative project between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing, after the Valkyrie and a mid-engined supercar that is expected to rival the Ferrari 488 and McLaren 720S. As one would expect, Adrian Newey is also involved in the development.

We suspected that the car will be a hybrid since Andy Palmer, Aston’s CEO intended the car to rival the LaFerrari and Mclaren P1. What we have learned, the car will use a hybrid powertrain combining a V6 with multiple electric motors both on the front and rear axles, making it all-wheel drive.

Prospective customers have already been shown a model and/or concept renderings of the car and as with the 488 rival, its design is reportedly inspired by the Valkyire. Aston Martin has already started accepting orders and deposits on the hybrid hypercar which suggests that development on the car is in a mature stage.

While, there is no word yet as to when the car will be revealed, next year’s Geneva Motor Show sounds like the right time to show off the new hypercar.

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