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Mysterious Mid-Engine V12 Ferrari 458 Could be a One-Off

Ferrari often builds one-off special edition supercars for their high-profile clients. In fact, reports of a new mid-engine V12 Ferrari 458 have emerged on the internet fueling wild speculations.

Instagram user Greg23 is renowned Ferrari collector. He recently posted a few images of his upcoming Ferrari hiding under a red cover. Everyone including the good folks at FerrariChat forum were left stunned and have no clue what it could be.

LaFerrari V12 Ferrari 458 special edition-2

Greg23 did mention a few things about his latest supercar. In his Instagram post, he highlights the fact that it has a V12 mounted behind the driver and in front of the rear axle. He also mentions that it isn’t a LaFerrari or an Aperta. Also, the exterior is not based on the 488.

Looking at the pictures, it looks like this “V12 Ferrari” could be a re-bodied 458 Speciale. But then, the 458 was never designed for a V12 engine. Therefore, some suggest it won’t be street-legal.

LaFerrari V12 Ferrari 458 special edition-3

Ferrari revealed a couple of special edition in recent times. The Ferrari 458 MM Speciale was followed by the SP275 RW Competizione. The mysterious new V12 Ferrari 458 seems even bonkers.

Mysterious V12 Ferrari 458 image gallery:

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