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Ferrari 250 GTO crash-Goodwood-Revival


Multi-million dollar Ferrari 250 GTO crashes at Goodwood Revival

A priceless 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO was crashed at the annual Goodwood Revival race. The classic Ferrari race car spun out and tapped the barriers during a race. The gentle tap was enough to damage the bodywork of the multi-million dollar Ferrari.

We hope that the damage is just cosmetic. Still, the insurance company will be writing a big cheque as getting it fixed won’t be cheap.

The 250 GTO made its motorsport debut in 1962. The 1964 model was the Series II which featured a Pininfarina designed body. Only three of these were built. It used a V12 engine with smaller exhaust manifolds and re-tuned Weber carburetors for a wider power band.

1964 Ferrari 250 GTO crashes at Goodwood Revival:

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