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Tesla Model-S-Nurburgring


Modified Tesla Model S P100D is at the Nurburgring to beat the Porsche Taycan

Elon Musk really wants his lap record back. A modified Tesla Model S P100D practicing at the Nurburgring is evidence.

A Tesla Model S P100D is at the Nurburgring with the clear intention of beating the Porsche Taycan’s 7:42 lap time. The all-new electric sedan from the Germans currently holds the record for the fastest all-electric four-door sedan around the Green Hell.

Tesla founder Elon Musk isn’t ready to let his car settle for the second spot. He had put up a tweet recently claiming that the Model S is now the lap record holder at Laguna Seca in the four-door segment. This man doesn’t enjoy the competition scoring a win once in a while and wants the world to know that the Model S is coming for the Taycan.

Meanwhile, the Model S spotted on the Nurburgring track had wide fenders, bigger tires, new wheels and even a roll cage in place. Substantiating the theory that Tesla is eager to beat the Porsche is a report on Road & Track which states that a private 30-minute slot has been booked on September 21. This could probably be Model S lap record attempt run.

It seems the track management has somehow managed to free up a 30-minute window for Tesla in an otherwise packed schedule. Damn, Elon must be really persuasive and must have written an expensive check for the cause.

If Tesla manages to beat the Taycan, then the action is going to be more intense from then. The Germans will certainly hit back with a more powerful, faster and quicker version of their new kid on the block. We are possibly looking at the beginning of a new war of speed featuring all-electric production cars.

Source: Road & Track

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