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MIT to Partner up with Lamborghini

The Italian Research University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has announced a three-year partnership with luxury car manufacturer, Lamborghini.  Both students and teaching staff at MIT will work alongside engineers at Lamborghini to create new, innovative technology which is to be implemented in Lamborghini’s future models.

Lamborghini is already well renowned for its range of beautiful high end sports cars and it is hard to believe that future models can get any more advanced than the recent Aventador and Huracan.  However, the partnership with MIT is set to take Lamborghini up to another level.  The focus of the partnership will be on research and development with a particular emphasis on developing composites which are intended to make future Lamborghinis stronger, lighter and faster.

Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Lamborghini, said, “we want people to think of us more and more as a trendsetter in the super luxury and sports car segment. MIT has always been a pioneer in innovation and we are proud to have signed this general agreement with such an illustrious institution, which will lead to the study of issues of mutual interest relating to the super sports car for the third millennium.”

Deals like this one force other high end car manufactures, such as Italian rival, Ferrari, to stay on top of their game and keep up to date with the latest advancements in technology within the automobile sector.  It is this fierce competition and constant innovation which creates a very exciting time for petrol heads around the world as they are able to witness more futuristic and outrageous supercar models.  Technology is the key driver behind these advancements in design and performance within the supercar industry.

Many individuals want to experience these exciting new innovations for themselves and this has been made possible by the introduction of supercar hire companies like JKsupercars.  For the large majority who cannot afford to invest in a supercar of their own, renting a supercar for a day or week is a much cheaper alternative yet all the same benefits can still be enjoyed.  Supercar hire has, therefore, become very popular over recent years due to the need for people to experience the latest technology in the automobile sector and supercar rental companies have been able to facilitate this desire.

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