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Mission Motorsports: Helping Fix Broken Blokes

Mission Motorsports

When will the world realize that making war is not the solution to our problems, especially when it our brave servicemen who have to pay the ultimate price and while those injured in battle are forced to lead a tough life. Charities like ‘Help for Heroes’ and Mission Motorsports are at the forefront when it comes to rehabilitation of the injured.

Mission Motorsports gives injured servicemen a chance to get involved in national racing championships, stunt shows, etc. The guys have even been out in a 24 hours endurance race. Credit also goes to the British automotive industry who have come out in support of our heroes giving them employment opportunities and helping them get their lives back on track. XCARFilms sat down with James Cameron Co-Founder and Director of Mission Motorsports to learn more about his fine idea.

Mission Motorsports: Helping Fix Broken Blokes

Source: XCARFilms via Youtube

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