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Mini Cooper from Dubai busted by Indian Customs


Mini Cooper From Dubai Busted With 7.5kg Gold in Fuel Tank

Mini Cooper from Dubai busted by Indian Customs

Mini Cooper from Dubai was busted by Indian Customs Department with 7.5 kg gold concealed in its fuel tank. Someone clearly took inspiration from ‘The Italian Job’ and chose the Mini Cooper for the task. The car which arrived at Cochin port on Dubai plates was shipped to the country under the Carnet scheme which allows a foreign registered vehicle to be driven in India for a specific period of time.

Due to high local demand and rising prices, gold smuggling has become prevalent in the subcontinent. In this case, 13 gold chains amounting to 7.5 kg wrapped in a plastic bag were discovered stashed in the fuel tank of a Mini Cooper Convertible diesel. The identity of the owner of the Mini is still unknown. However, it won’t take long for the authorities to find the smugglers.

Gold chains amouting 7.5kg found in the Mini Cooper's fuel tank

Source: Motoroids

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